Canine Massage


General Canine Sports Massage is a non-specific massage designed to release toxins and increase circulation.

Pre-event Massage is Sports Massage which is quick, non-invasive, light and prepares the tissues for competition.

Post-event Massage is Sports Massage characterized by tissue cleansing techniques which reduce toxins and therefore discomfort after competition.

General Canine Relaxation Massage is a specific massage designed to increase circulation.

Massage for Aging is a gentle touch which increases the circulation to the tissues thereby increasing tone and flexibility while passing on the feeling of caring.

Health and Wellness Massage is designed to generally balance muscles and enhance circulation and immune system function.

Massage does not take the place of veterinary medicine. You should consult your veterinarian with specific questions about or for specific diagnosis of your canine companionís health.

Treatment fee is approximately $1 per minute with a minimum 30 minute appointment. Payment due upon completion of services provided (cash, check or money order). If services are rendered at the customers facility, mileage over 20 miles from zip code 48347 will be charged $1.25 per mile. Mileage may be waived if five consecutive appointments are within five miles.